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My name is Razan, and I am a Sudanese artist living in Montreal since 2019. I have loved
handcrafts since childhood. Growing up, I discovered my passion for handmade earrings for
their value, whether it is cultural or reflects a personal taste.
I noticed a lot of mass-produced earrings on the market, and I got the idea of making earrings
with unique and meaningful designs for each pair to add a sense of exclusivity if you want to
own something “one-of-a-kind.”
In December of 2023, I launched my brand, Hilal Arts and Crafts, with a collection of hand-
painted wood earrings that are recyclable, with almost zero waste in the production process. I
make each pair with effort, passion, and careful attention to detail, and I am happy that I got
great feedback on my creations from online and in person buyers.
The love for handmade earrings often transcends the tangible product to an appreciation for
the art, ethical considerations, and personal connections we create through the earrings,
making each pair cherished and meaningful.

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