Swivel Your Kurlz


Curly hair products/accessories and tooth gem


2019 (Swivel Your Kurlz) 2023 (Tooth gem)


Dental Jewelry Mtl embodies the passion and dedication of a certified dental jewelry technician, committed to providing each client with an exceptional experience. Its vision extends beyond just placing dental jewelry; it aims to create dazzling smiles that reflect each individual’s unique personality. Its commitment to professional service is evident in its outstanding work ethic, where every detail matters.

Swivel Your Kurlz is a Montreal-based company created with the aim of offering natural products for curly to kinky hair types, as well as accessories that facilitate styling and maintaining healthy hair while prioritizing natural ingredients. We aim to dispel popular beliefs that there’s good/bad hair types and demonstrate that taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be complicated; it just requires commitment and consistency!

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