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Welcome to Upshaw Artist Management. My name is India-Lynn Upshaw-Ruffner, and I am a Concordia University student in the Art History and Studio Arts BFA program. As an artist myself, I know of all the difficulties and steps that come with building one’s professional art career. Whether it be finding gallery spaces to display your work, managing your emails, updating your social media feed… there are so many small tasks that all add up, and can lead to an artist feeling more like a secretary than artist.

That is where I come in to help. I have been a gallery curator in the past, and the Administrative Assistant at an online business VillaGino. I have learned a lot about how the professional art world works, how to host and organize vernissages, as well as how to book-keep and manage social media feeds effectively. I am also currently working with a artist client Stetco, and am managing various aspects of her art practice.

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